About Us

interior designing consultant

Interior Designing Consultant

Inspiring Designs is a home technology consultancy specialising in integrating user friendly technology into homes in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The company has a technical background spanning over a decade. We enjoy incorporating various aspects of technology in a discrete manner within our design schemes. We pride ourselves in offering innovative solutions for our client’s requirements, such that technology is at the tip of your fingers when you need it, but at the same time, it is in the background and not dominating the scene. Examples of how we have applied this design philosophy are our installations of Mirror TVs and motorised TV lifts; built into pieces of furniture.

Keeping our team small ensures we can offer a high standard of personal service to all our clients. Our Company motto is to “aspire perfection” in all our projects.  Integrity, attention to detail and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of Inspiring Designs.

We strive to achieve this by having a close-knit team of professionals overseeing every aspect of the project from start to completion.  Our team includes:

  • Technical Consultant offering the design, schematics and final programming and calibration of the systems we offer.
  • Project co-ordinator to ensure that all aspects of the design are meticulously implemented without any undue oversights.
  • Interior Design Consultant making sure the technology and design schemes work together in harmony.
  • Trained and certified electricians and installers.

We offer a friendly, personal and sensitive approach to realise our clients’ dreams whilst adding value to their properties. We appreciate the need for achieving a correct balance in combining aesthetics and practicality. Practicalities such as controllable temperatures (heating and cooling), mood lighting, ventilation, adequate power, data and media points and ease of use and maintenance are of utmost importance to us. All our home technology is designed to be easily accessible by all members of the family.

We strive to build into our designs the infrastructure for future extendibility and ensure your home is as future ready as possible. We design not just for your current needs but potential longer term requirements. We guide you to make the right technical decisions to maximise future flexibility.