Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Home Cinema Installation

Custom built home cinema systems and media rooms allow individuals to immerse themselves in a stunning visual and acoustically dynamic experience. Bringing the theatre into the comfort of your home allows you to see and hear your favorite movies and TV programmes just as the director intended it to be. This experience can only be optimized by hiring a professional for your Home Cinema Installation.

A professional Company such as Inspiring Designs, conveniently based in Hertfordshire and servicing London and the Home Counties, specializes in Home Cinema Design and Installations. With our backing of technical know-how and experience, our clients could significantly enhance the results they get from their investment towards their Home Cinema system.

For us at Inspiring Designs, the sound quality is as important as having a large viewing screen. Our high-end system components, coupled with professional design and calibration of your system will help achieve a superior entertainment experience that can be achieved with consumer level high street AV products. We have access to demo facilities where we can demonstrate the experience we can bring to you in your home.

Whether it is a dedicated home cinema room, a multi-functional media or family room or simply your lounge, we can design and implement an aesthetically pleasing yet highly performant entertainment system.  Screens, projectors, and TVs can all be electrically stowed away out of sight and revealed by a touch of a button when they are needed. We are experienced to work with varied budgets and consider our client’s need foremost in all our projects.

Inspiring Designs’ Professional credibility in Home Cinema Design and Installations is also highlighted by the fact that we do not confine our designs to a set of limited suppliers or manufacturers. This gives us the ability to design bespoke solutions to your needs.  This allows us to work for the best interest of our clients and offer them unbiased advice and competitively priced products that meet their requirements.

All our home cinema systems are designed to be easily accessible to all members of the family. One of the key features of a successful Home Cinema installation is the ease of use of the single interface chosen by family members of varied ages and technological abilities. Interactive remote controls can be programmed such that by just a single tap on it you could create the perfect mood for the programme you are going to watch. When finished, another single tap on your remote could make sure all the different components withdraw back to standby mode and assist you to the next task you would like to do. By this we mean, a single tap on “watch DVD on projector” would lower the blinds, adjust the lights to the programmed levels, start up the projector, Amp, DVD player, bring the screen down, and begin playing the disc in the DVD player. At the end of the movie, another gentle tap on the remote control would retract all the AV equipment on the pre-programmed standby or OFF mode, adjust the blinds and gently bring the lights to a level that does not all of a sudden dazzle but allow the eyes to adjust in good time for the next intended activity of the room.

A professional Home Cinema Design and Installation Company, such as Inspiring Designs, will also guide you to ensure your home is as future ready as possible. We design not just for your current needs but potential longer-term requirements to maximize future flexibility.

Of all the varied aspects of home technology we design and install for our clients, we find that home cinema systems and media rooms are what brings the whole family the most enjoyment.  It gives our clients a separate space to unwind from their hectic lifestyles. If your project is based in London, Hertfordshire or the Home Counties then do get in touch with us. All the best!