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AV Installation in London

The iconic iPod and then smart phones with built in media players changed the way we listen to music.  Most of us these days have our music collection stored digitally.  Services such as Apple Music and Spotify allow us access to most of the mainstream music on the planet.  Multi-room audio allows us to make the most of digital music collections.  If your music collection is not yet digital, we can help you make the leap into this field by digitising your music for you. The systems we design and install provide rich High Fidelity (Hi-Fi quality) sound in all rooms of your home.

Multi-room audio systems allow you to access your digital music collection, internet radio stations and other centrally located audio sources around your whole property.  All the equipment is housed in a central AV Rack avoiding the need for AV equipment dotted around the house.  Different people can play different tracks or even different sources of audio in every room, or you can link rooms and the sound is perfectly synchronised as you move between rooms.  Each room simply has a pair of speakers and a control panel.  These can either be discrete in-ceiling speakers, book shelf speakers or better still do premium speakers which look just like picture frames on the wall but are capable of outputting fantastic sound quality.  Pictures can either be purchased from a vast collection or you can use one of yours.  Have a look at the pictures in our portfolio to see what some of our previous clients have be inspired by. Now more than ever, many companies are offering home av installation across London. AV solutions offered by Inspiring Designs provides flexibility which allows you to add new components without re-configuring whole system.

If you are looking at getting an av solution for your home, you need to familiarise yourself with some basic qualification of av company who will deliver this service to you. We often couple multi-room high definition video distribution along with multi-room audio.  This then allows you to view as well as listen to centrally located media servers, satellite TV and CCTV feeds all around your home.  You can select what you want to listen to or watch using your smart phone, tablet or an on wall touch screen.

AV Company in London

Being one of the finest av companies in London, Inspiring Designs could help you design and install an effective system to control your Multi-room Audio/Video Distribution with maximising on the latest features available in this field.  Please feel free to contact us on 01707 877 896 or by emailing: to discuss a Multi-room Audio/Video Distribution system that would suit all your requirements.