CCTV & Home Security

CCTV & Security Installation

Having a robust home security system is a good deterrent to opportunist intruders.  A well-planned Home security system, besides being just a deterrent, when installed correctly, will ensure peace of mind and safety.

Home security systems include intruder alarms, smoke, fire and Carbon monoxide detectors.  If the alarm is easy to use and reliable you are more likely to use it every day and keep your property safe.  We have alarm companies who we work with to ensure your intruder alarm is integrated with the other technology in your home.  For example, we can ensure all the lights in your property are switched on in the event of your alarm being activated.  Professionally designed systems minimise events of false activations.

We also design and install High Definition CCTV systems.  These cameras are normally connected to Digital Video Recorders (DVR) to ensure any motion detected is recorded and stored for a number of weeks.  Storage space used by these recordings can be automatically recycled to ensure you never run out of space.  If the CCTV system is linked up to your structured cabling network you can view your CCTV Camera images from any TV in the home or from anywhere in the world on your smart phone, laptop or tablet.

We at Inspiring Designs could help you design a comprehensive Home Security system with unique considerations to your lifestyle.  Please feel free to contact us on 01707 877 896 or by emailing: to discuss a CCTV and Home security system that would suit all your requirements.