Home Automation & Control

Home Automation System in London

Home Automation also known as Smart Homes or Smart Control is about providing you with a control system that enables you to control all the home technology with just one interface.  The home automation control system would allow you to control your Home Cinema, Audio and Video (AV) products around the home, Lighting, Heating, Air conditioning and Ventilation (HVAC), electric gates and Home Security (including intercoms, intruder Alarms & CCTV).

The “Internet of things” where all devices are connected to the internet is a small step forward in making devices remotely accessible. Most devices and systems tend to come with their own separate user interface.  We can help combine most, if not all, of them into a single simple easy to use interface.  Control can be via a programmable remote control or via an app on your smart phone or tablet.  Touch screen tablets can be wall mounted into charging stations or simply floating around wherever youlike.  Structured cabling provides the infrastructure for whole house control, allowing zone controllers around your property to talk to a central control hub.

Home automation can provide you functionality like automatically closing ventilation, switching off the heating and turning off your lights as you leave your home. Systems can also learn and record your lighting patterns so they can be played back while you are on holiday for security purposes.   Heating can be controlled separately in every room and can be based on occupancy detection.  All these smart technologies put together can help you save up to 30% of your household energy bills while allowing you to live a greener life, reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

Smart Home Installation

Smart home control systems are now on the must have lists of high end luxury developments.  We can integrate these systems into your renovation or new build project.

We at Inspiring Designs could help you design a single interface to integrate varied aspects of your Home Technology in a user friendly manner. Please feel free to contact us on 01707 877 896 or by emailing: enquiries@inspiringdesigns.co.uk to discuss a Multi-room Audio/Video Distribution system that would suit all your requirements.