Networking for Wi-Fi

Networking & Wi-Fi

Structured cabling infrastructure is also vital to provide a reliable and strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your property.  Having network cabling in every room enables you to add multiple wireless access points with their own separate bandwidth on the network. This will ensure you and your portable devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) will have fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage all through your property.  There are many considerations that effect signal strength.  A good cabling infrastructure will give you the flexibility required to ensure a comprehensive Wi-Fi signal coverage.

Fixed devices and appliances benefit from having a wired connection to your network saving wireless bandwidth for truly mobile devices like phones or tablets which really need wireless capability.  No matter how good wireless technology is these days, a hardwired connection will always outperform a wireless one in terms of reliability and speed.  Often people try to use wireless for fixed devices like smart TVs to compensate for the lack of a structured cabling network.  This often leads to performance and reliability issues.  Cabled network connections are always live so there are no connection drops.

Each wired network connection also has its own bandwidth whichis not shared or impacted by other devices.  All devices connected to a Wi-Fi access point share the bandwidth of that connection.  This is because the Wi-Fi access point normally uses one cableconnection to your network switch.  So if someone is watching a movie on YouTube it could interrupt with you trying to connect to your office while working from home on your laptop.  All the devices connected to a single Wi-Fi access point are like many devices sharing a single lane on a motorway.  Devices with a wired connection each have their own dedicated lane of the motorway.  Each hardwired appliance has the full bandwidth allocation which the Wi-Fi access point shares between all Wi-Fi devices connected to it.  This means one device cannot interfere or hamper the performance of another on your network.

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