Smart Heating Control

smart heating control

Smart Heating & Ventilation

Gone are the days when heating systems had one house thermostat.  The temperature of the whole house would be determined from that single point.  We are now fitting systems which have thermostats and occupancy detection in most, if not all, main rooms.  This allows you to select individual room temperatures for when the room is occupied and differenttemperatures for when it is unoccupied.  These systems are particularly useful in a family home where different family members prefer different temperatures in different rooms at different times.

These intelligent heating systems allow you to control your heating remotely via your smartphone, laptop or tablet.  This is particularly useful in the winter months whenyou are returning home after a day out, weekend away or even a long holiday.  You set a reminder on your smart phone and turn the heating ON in time for your arrival to a warm and welcoming home.

These systems learn how long it takes to heat each room and can even be set to preheat the room so that it is ready at your chosen temperature at the time you want to use it.   It even adjusts this based on the outside temperature from live weather reports.

Smart heating control systems are constantly adjusting the heating of each room based on your usage.  These systems are intelligent enough to realise changes in your normal schedule and adjust itself accordingly.  So you can increase your comfort, decrease your energy bills and protect the environment, all at the same time.

We at Inspiring Designs could help you design an effective scheme to control your heating with maximising on the latest features available in Smart Heating Control.  Please feel free to contact us on 01707 877 896 or by emailing: to discuss a Smart Heating Control system that would suit all your requirements.