Smart Lighting Control

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Efficient lighting features make a huge difference to the mood and feel of a space.  We design and implement flexible lighting control systems, both indoors and outdoors.  These mood lighting systems offer our clients the ability to recall a scene; a combination of different light fittings on different circuits, each circuit dimmed to different levels; all at the touch of a single button.  Scene changes incorporate fade times giving subtle lighting transitions.Once a scene has been selected its overall level can be adjusted temporarily using raise/lower buttons.

Scenes form different moods of lighting to suit different uses of a space; dining, entertaining, reading or viewing your TV or projector. Modern homes, often with open plan living areas, tend to have multi-use areas.  Mood lighting control is key to realising the full potential of such areas.

Mood Lighting

Being one of the finest lighting design consultants in London, we specialise in getting the best out of LED technology and are abreast with the latest developments in technology and effectively dimming these type of lamps.

Programmable lighting keypads allow lighting circuits to be easily controlled from many locationsand allow control of the whole house from a single keypad.  This is useful for example to ensure all lights are either off or in security scene when you leave the house.  Integration with AV control systems allow control from a single device, either a remote, smartphone or tablet. The lighting control system will also offer soft start and voltage controlled maximum output which greatly improves the lamp life and saves energy and money.

Based on your requirements, we are happy to work with clients on projects starting from a single room control system, a combination of rooms through to whole house systems and beyond to landscaped outdoors. We have a variety of systems to suit your needs.  Some are expandable from single room to whole house at a later date and some are retrofit-able without having to completely re-wire your home.

Intelligent interior lighting control is quickly becoming the standard for all luxury smart homes. We at Inspiring Designs are proud to be ‘on the ball’ with all the latest developments in this ever evolving field. Please feel free to contact us on 01707 877 896 or by emailing: to discuss your indoor and outdoor lighting requirements.