Smart Homes – That Fits Your Budget

Technological advancements have made it easier than ever before to control our environments and enhance our lifestyles. A smart home offers flexibility and reliability to the entire family in its usage.

To start with, a well spec. structured cabling system and reliable networking for complete Wi-Fi coverage allows all family members to stream significant amounts of data independently, without hindrance from other users at the same time. It is comparable to having your own lane on a motorway!

Having a smart lighting Control system sets the perfect mood for the use of the space at that given time. Especially with open plan and multi-use living areas, a programmable lighting control system will enable you to enjoy your space to its full potential.

Multi-room audio/video distribution throughout the property enables the user a continuation to enjoying their entertainment seamlessly as they move through the various spaces.

Smart heating control systems allows the user to select individual room temperatures at different times in the day. These systems are also smart enough to detect unexpected occupancy and react accordingly. These systems could be controlled remotely, allowing you the flexibility to save energy whilst the space is unoccupied at the same time facilitating a warm and comfortable welcome on your return.

A well designed Home security system will not only help as a deterrent to opportunist burglars but will also give you the essential peace of mind and assurance of safety and security. Being able to remotely view your CCTV cameras as well as being able to remotely converse with the person at your front door whilst viewing their activities helps a great deal in reassuring your safety and wellbeing in your home.

All these smart technologies put together can help you make huge savings in your household energy bills while allowing you to lead a greener life, reducing your carbon footprint on the planet.

We at Inspiring Designs could help you design a single interface to integrate varied aspects of your Home technology in a user friendly manner, easily accessible at your fingertips!