The Art of Home Cinema Integration

A home cinema is a fantastic investment for TV and movie lovers and the correct combination of audio and video technology can create a spectacular viewing experience in the comfort of your own home. To achieve the best results from your home cinema takes careful planning and a holistic approach, but that doesn’t mean that technology has to dominate your interior styling.

Here at Inspiring Designs we specialise in the design and installation of home cinema as well as multi-room audio and video technology. Whether you wish to have a dedicated home theatre or wish to incorporate a home entertainment area with a multi-purpose living area, our CEDIA and THX certified installers will ensure that your technology is optimised to give you the best possible cinematic experience, whilst our professional interior designer will ensure this is achieved without compromising the design of your living room.

Working in collaboration with our technology suppliers, we can provide sub-woofers that blend seamlessly with the colour of your walls and speakers that look exactly like pieces of art. Your technology truly can assimilate into the design of your home so that it becomes almost invisible.

We understand that a home cinema should take many things into consideration. When designing your room, we will ensure that the furniture is laid out at the correct distance and angle from your screen and speakers, and that the acoustics are controlled to ensure optimum sound quality. We strive to reproduce the audio visual experience which the movie director intended. With the correct window treatments and curtain fabrics we can ensure that no light enters your windows so that you can enjoy an authentic cinematic environment at any time of the day.

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